SLT Referral Program Is Open

Here’s some exciting news. The Success Leaves Traces Referral is OFFICIALLY OPEN. YEAH!! We have some great tools for you to use to advertise SLT.

Here’s how it works…

As an SLT Member you are paid 50% of the $97 monthly membership fee or $48.50 for each person you refer who becomes a member. So all you need is just 2 members whom you referred and your membership is essentially free. Pretty cool huh?

Here’s how you get started…

Just go to: If you have already signed up, just login, if you have not signed up yet as a Referral Partner click the button to sign up.

Once you’ve signed up, come back to the same page and login. You’ll find all of our tools there waiting for you. We’ll also be adding additional tools as we progress. We’re extremely excited about this.

Don’t wait get started today.


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