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Request An Interview With Armand Morin About "Success Leaves Traces"

Successful people leave clues as to how they succeeded. The truest secret to success is having the ability to follow those clues to achieve desired goals. Success Leaves Traces is a true story of real success. It demonstrates the system that Armand Morin himself has used to create an 200-million-dollar business, become a best-selling country music artist and an in-demand internationally acclaimed speaker and trainer.

The steps mapped out in Success Leaves Traces helps readers find their own success in anything they set out to accomplish.

Success Leaves Traces is the true story of one of the world’s most successful Internet marketers, Armand Morin. Follow the steps that have led Armand to build one of the longest-running, most successful Internet businesses of all time. In Success Leaves Traces, readers learn how to re-engineer any task that anyone has ever done and make the process their own. Within its pages, readers discover:

  • The five elements necessary to accomplish anything in life
  • How to gain focus and stay on task to accomplish all of their goals
  • Insights on how to think and perform like a millionaire
  • The Stop Factor and how to avoid it so it never stops them from moving forward again

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